Unique Wall Hung Aviary Furniture

No Mess No Odor Beautiful Natural Habitat

Installation Is Easy

 Hangs from the wall like a painting. Made from lightweight pine the aviary can be hung by one person.. It can be hung anywhere. Virtually no seed or feathers escape due to the sealed design. Hardware and instructions are included as well as LED lighting and all accessories. Large glass feeding tubes supply many days of food and water. Finches or canaries are recommended and can be found at any local pet store or bird show. Hook billed birds are not advised as they can be destructive and may damage the habitat and the aviary. This is a wall hanging furniture Aviary.

Safe Healthy Natural Habitat

Protected from drafts and dust, birds live much longer than their average lifespans in our aviaries. The real branch gives them natural perching areas that keep their feet and nails healthy. The nest gives them a place to sleep and to just hang out.  We recommend no more than a pair of birds. It is designed for two  and more birds mean more maintenance. If breeding is desired the aviary is the perfect love nest. You will really enjoy watching the babies grow and the parents caring for them. Most pet stores would buy them from you.

Low Maintenance

Clean up is easy. The removable tray needs emptying only once a month or longer. Ground corncob is ideal and widely available.  Plexiglass panels slide out as the extra panel slides in allowing easy cleaning and complete access. Finches and other soft billed birds are low maintenance birds and cleaning is minimal. Five minutes once a week keeps the aviary looking like new. It has a very durable water resistant finish that will last a lifetime.. Our aviaries are designed to be decorative living furniture that can be displayed anywhere in the home or office. It is a self contained piece of living art. Due to the natural oak branch no two are alike. The branch is meticulously placed to minimize droppings and  is secure and never needs replacing.  

Clean Attractive Bird Keeping

The serenity of birds

Like an aquarium but with much less maintenance you will enjoy the serenity of birds singing and making a home within the aviary. The nest comes packed with nesting material so your new birds will move-in quickly. Add more nesting material from time to time and watch them carefully weave it into place.

Zebra Finches Are Ideal

You don't have to be a "bird person" to enjoy our aviaries. Zebra finches are colorful, active and very hardy. They require no maintenance and are commonly available in most pet stores. The next photo gallery shows some of the amazing finches that also can be found.

Elegant Living Furniture

Designed to be a part of the home decor as a living piece of art. Clean and extremely easy to care for. Unlike unsightly cages the aviaries make virtually no mess on the floor. Place a potted plant underneath for a very natural setting.

Handmade In The USA

Built by skilled craftspeople

Each aviary is handmade by crafts people with many years of woodworking skills insuring high quality and a lifetime of enjoyment.

Real oak branch

The branch is from the Florida Live Oak and is hard and extremely durable and will never need to be replaced. The leaves and backdrop willow are artificial.

Replacement Accessories

Break a tube or plexi panel? No worries. Replacement glass feeding tubes, nests and plexiglass panels can be ordered separately.

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More Showroom Displays

If you purchase from our showroom in Tampa the aviary comes complete with a pair of zebra finches. Delivery and installation is also available in the Tampa Bay area for an additional charge.

Our Models

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Corner Aviary

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Natural Finish Only Rough Sawn Outside

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